[Additional client comments and references available on request]

EMILY MORROW HAS A STYLE THAT IS WELCOMING, practical, and inspiring. Her approach to problem-solving is remarkably effective: she asks thoughtful and thought-provoking questions, and constructively frames the discussion to allow others to see a puzzle in a fresh and unique way. Emily's ability to zero in on the core of any challenge in a respectful, inspirational, and compassionate manner is without exception. I personally feel so fortunate to know and work with Emily.

Julie Goodhart, Human Resources Director

AT THE VERY FIRST MEETING, EMILY ENGAGED ME in some role play activity around active listening. It was a revelation, and my only disappointment was that I had not had the benefit of her wisdom when I started my career 30 years ago. She explained in a succinct way the difference between negative "selling" and networking. Her direction is simple, crystal clear and practical. She is direct but challenges you to push boundaries.Emily has an extraordinary ability to grasp and understand complex situations and see clearly how to best handle them. She is incredibly perceptive about people and different ways of dealing with them.

Maureen Collins, Partner

LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO PAT YOU ON THE BACK AND tell you that everything you're doing is wonderful? If that's the case you don't need an executive consultant like Emily Morrow. If you are seeking to address the root of complex issues in your management style or practice, Emily knows what buttons to push. Insightful, sagacious and an excellent listener, she effectively provokes clear and creative thought leading to the development of strategic solutions. Emily effectively challenged me to overcome obstacles to moving my practice to the next level. I will not hesitate to engage her again and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a path to powerful and positive change within themselves or their practice

Susan Rand, Partner

EMILY HAS A KNACK FOR PULLING OUT THE MOST VALUABLE nuggets in the course of conversation - things that others (sometimes including the speaker!) might miss or simply gloss over. By reflecting back her observations and asking thoughtful critical questions, she helps to open up thinking and shine light on ideas and concerns that might otherwise have been neglected.

She's unafraid to challenge assumptions and to challenge her clients - and that may well be her greatest strength. Part consultant, part analyst, and always a partner, Emily provided me with a combination of reflective feedback, guidance, encouragement, and support.

B.J. Rogers, CEO