Emily has a knack for asking the right question at the right moment in a way that helps clients focus on critical issues, articulate practical solutions and make changes. While her approach is crisp and clear, her manner is comfortable. Emily creates an atmosphere of inviting neutrality in which a client's best thinking can be done. She moves fluidly from sophisticated concepts to the minute details of implementation. The outcomes she achieves are sustainable, predictable, and result in a solid return on investment.

-Eric Hanson, President, Hanson & Doremus

AS A HIGHLY SKILLED INTERPRETER OF COMPLEX SITUATIONS, EMILY MORROW, based primarily in Auckland, New Zealand, helps lawyers, law firms, in-house counsel, and other professionals optimise performance through the crafting of innovative, elegant, and achievable solutions.

AS AN EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT, EMILY BRINGS THE CREATIVE LEGACY OF HER FAMILY, particularly her father, a noted artist, to her executive consulting work. Just as an artist expresses creativity through ink and paint, Emily's medium is the interaction of people in the workplace. Emily's clients become more capable, collaborative, productive, and effective as a result of her work with them.

WITH MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, formerly as a premier trusts and estates lawyer and chair of a major bank board, she has an in-depth knowledge of business, law and finance, combined with a deep understanding of the human condition.