Emily Morrow is an executive consultant for legal professionals.

A highly skilled interpreter of complex situations, Emily helps lawyers and law offices optimise performance.

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About Emily

For over 25 years, Emily was a lawyer and senior partner with a large firm in Vermont, where she built and managed a premier trusts, estates and tax practice. Now, she works as an international consultant primarily based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Emily’s in-depth knowledge of the business of law, combined with her deep understanding of human dynamics, come from extensive experience as a practicing lawyer and chair of a major bank board.

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One-on-one coaching is the most powerful way to develop leadership and management excellence. With a proven track record of success, Emily helps professionals get where they need to go.


Emily identifies clients’ critical issues, unique challenges, and desired outcomes. She manages group process expertly and diplomatically, balancing the need for full participation with the need for timely progress and best practices.


Emily provides tailored in-house training focusing on business development, communication, delegation, self presentation, leadership, team building/management and strategic planning.

Specialised Research

Whether a client seeks to optimise diversity, develop a bespoke in-house mentoring programme or address chronic challenges in new ways, Emily will research and prepare a comprehensive report with practical recommendations.